Message From The Desk of The ISO President

As the President of The Indian Society of Otology, it is indeed a privilege and honour to invite my fellow members of ISO, Post Graduate trainees and allied professionals to the 26th ISOCON at Raipur. Having conducted Twenty fivve ISOCONs successfully in the past 3 decades, Indian Society of Otology has set high standards not just nationally but at international level as well. A lot of credit must go to the founding member Prof. KK Ramalingam, for his vision and the past and present office bearers of the Indian society of Otology for their dedication in shaping the future of this fine academic organisation. On this occasion it is apt to remember the founder President of ISO, Prof. A Mahadevaiah, whose demise was a great loss to the Otology fraternity.

Being the President of Indian Society of Otology bestows upon me a lot of Academic and Social responsibility in my tenure. I would like to remind that congenital hearing loss has a major impact on the child, family and the society. We need to implement Universal Hearing Screening for Newborns in conjunction with our Paediatric Colleagues as a standard protocol across the nation. Early detection and intervention may give a chance to these less fortunate deaf children in integrating into the mainstream society.

“What you sow you reap”. Let us not forget the future of Otology in India is in the hands of our budding Otologists. We need to maximise the training opportunities to our Post graduate students and young surgeons by creating more Temporal bone labs and surgical workshops at local Institute level aiming at structured training.

I sincerely wish my dear friends Dr Rakesh Gupta Organising Chairman and Dr Ashok Bajaj, Organising Secretary and all the Organising committee members of the ISOCON 2017 Raipur team, all the very best for a successful organisation of this spectacular academic event.

Indian Society of Otology