• Live Surgical Demonstration in Otology
    Neuro & Implantation Otology
    17-19 November 2017, Raipur
  • Hotel
    Babylon International
    5 star luxurious hotel

Message From Organising Committe

Dear Friends,
Welcome to ISOCON Raipur 2017.

On behalf of the ENT fraternity Raipur CG chapter we all welcome you to the 26 Annual conference of the Indian society th th th of Otology (ISOCON 2017) to be held on Friday - Sunday 17 ,18 & 19 November 2017.

Raipur the capital city of Chhattisgarh is a rapidly developing midsize Indian City. Raipur has made a mark for hosting the events with academic excellence with personal touch of warmth and hospitality. We express our gratitude towards the parent branch of Indian society of Otology for giving us the opportunity to hold the ISOCON 2017. On behalf of the organising committee, we assure you an excellent academic programme with memorable visit to Raipur during ISOCON 2017.

With regards & cordial invitation with family and friends.

Organising Committee

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From The Desk of The ISO Founder & Advisor

The Indian Society of Otology is one of the fastest growing organizations in the field of ENT in India today. I am extremely proud to have been part of its inception and its growth.

We celebrated the 25th conference last year at Calicut and I am extremely happy to note that the same enthusiasm and fervor continues in the organization of the 26th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Otology which is to be held in Raipur in 2017.

My good friend Dr. Rakesh Gupta, Organizing Chairman and Dr. Ashok Bajaj, Organizing Secretary, along with the Organizing Committee members are very eager and are arranging this conference on a grand scale. I am sure this conference will surpass all previous conferences and will attract many more delegates.

Raipur, Chhattisgarh, is a rapidly growing city and I am sure that all of you will enjoy the visit to Raipur. We are extremely lucky that all the Guest Faculty members who have agreed to participate are internationally famous people. The theme for this conference is Implantation Otology.

Dr. Daniele Bernardeschi, Paris, Prof. Hao Wu, China, Prof. Olivier Sterkers, France & Prof. Michael Strupp, Germany will be the guest faculty in this conference.

As usual the firrst day, we will have inauguration, orations, lectures and the General Body Meeting. The second and third days are for live surgical demonstrations and Instructional Course. Free paper sessions have been very successful in Chennai, Visakhapatnam & Calicut as well as poster presentations. We will demonstrate both routine and advanced Temporal Bone Dissection. This year we will emphasize especially on various aspects of Implantation otology.

Please encourage your Post Graduates and Assistants to take part in the Temporal Bone Dissection competition and free paper presentation and apply for the Indian and Foreign Travel Fellowships of the Indian Society of Otology.

On behalf of the Indian Society of Otology, I welcome you and your family to attend the conference and enjoy the hospitality and take home a very useful message about the latest developments in Otology. Any useful suggestions from you are welcome.

Founder & Advisor
Indian Society of Otology.

Instructional Course

Instructional Course by Renowned and eminent faculty in the field of ENT & Head, Neck Surgery across the globe will be demonstrating their surgical skills from basic skills of the art to the newer horizon in the ENT Surgeries.

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Lecturer By Renowned and eminent faculty in the field of ENT & Head, Neck Surgery across the globe.

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Instructional Course

Instructional Course By Renowned and eminent faculty in the field of ENT & Head, Neck Surgery across the globe.

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